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* These testimonials are based on real patient experiences. Your experience may vary. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a medical professional before making any important decisions about your health.

Raja S. Mehdi, MD, Board-Certified Medical OncologistI am Dr. Raja Mehdi, medical oncologist and founder of Hope Cancer Care of Nevada.  I received my medical degree from Aga Khan University Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan.  I completed my residency in Internal Medical as Chief Resident at Case Western Reserve University at St. Vincent Hospital in Cleveland, OH and went on to practice for more than five years at Comprehensive Cancer Center at St. Francis Hospital in Topeka, KS.  In 2009 I started Hope Cancer Care of Nevada to develop more effective methods to treat cancer patients by focusing on the entire individual.

Unfortunately most chemotherapy produces severe side effects such as chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.  This common nerve disorder can cause weakness, numbness, tingling and severe pain to the point that many of our chemotherapy patients would rather discontinue their treatment protocol because their neuropathy condition becomes excruciating and intolerable.  We refer our patients to Robert Odell, MD, PhD, founder of Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas and co-developer of the neuropathy protocol.  As a practicing pain management physician, Dr. Odell has extensive experience with a wide range of non-interventional and interventional acute and chronic pain management techniques.  The majority of the patients we referred to Dr. Odell were able to finish their chemotherapy regimen and wean off of medications for neuropathy.

Referring our patients to Dr. Odell’s clinic has been a blessing.  My advice is to “start the dialogue with your oncologist on seeking treatment for this side effect.  When breast cancer patients are receiving chemotherapy, neuropathy is gonna happen.  Don’t wait until you get neuropathy.  Most patients minimize the side effects because they are dealing with so much.  Be proactive and seek a way of controlling the neuropathy now before it gets too bad.”

Raja S. Mehdi, MD

Raja S. Mehdi, MD, Board-Certified Medical Oncologist

Dr. Odell and his staff are warm and friendly. They are flexible with your schedule and always willing to work with you. As for Doc himself it’s clear that he cares about his patients. Everyone remembers you by name. I came to his clinic for treatment for neuropathy caused by lupus and I have seen major improvement. I was really skeptical when I came in but I have seen the results myself. My pain is down to the point where I am taking half of my Lyrica dosage and have restored movement in my leg. I have referred him to everyone I know with neuropathy and am now seeing him for managing my daily non neuropathy related pain as well. I cannot thank Dr. Odell and his staff enough!

Very good with advice on progress and any failures. After trying 3 other medical treatment centers, I selected Dr. Odell’s program. I was very satisfied with the treatment I received at Dr. Odell’s office. The staff was very helpful. Thank you Dr. Odell.

The staff is amazing!!! I came here 8 weeks ago feeling like this was my last hope and I am so glad I choose to come here. I feel like I am getting my life back again and I am actually the happiest I have ever been in a long time!! I had to travel a long way by car to get here but it was worth it!!! I just wish they had more of these Neuropathy and Pain Centers around the U.S.A. The Neuropathy Pain and Treatment Center of Las Vegas is a godsend. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to come back here if need be. It’s also great that the treatments do not center around the use of harmful drugs and that really impressed me! The staff is very caring and knowledgeable. I cannot say enough good things about this place and Dr. Odell.


I had over 40 years of neuropathic pain after I retired from the Marine Corps. I visited over 40 doctors, acupuncturist, surgeons, tried holistic medicine and took all sorts of treatments, etc. and nothing worked.

Then Dr. Odell came on the scene and everything changed. I have tingling in my feet. Everyone has been great! I highly recommend Dr. Odell and his clinic.

I enjoy coming here and tell everyone I meet about how great Dr. Odell is and how he is fixing my feet He is a very compassionate doctor who I know only wants me and his other patients to get better I really like the entire staff. Best of all, I can feel the carpet beneath my feet after year of no feeling at all. I like to dance and am back enjoying dancing again.
Very good with advice on progress and any failures. After trying 3 other medical treatment centers I selected Dr. Odell’s program. I was very satisfied with the treatment I received at Dr. Odell’s office .The staff were very helpful. Thank you Dr. Odell.

A whole new world… At the end of my rope and hooked on the max amount of opioids, I had decided to give up. This is not living, it is not even surviving. Then I saw a commercial on TV. End Pain! Neuropathy pain. I called the number. Fast forward 4 months and here I am. Living! Enjoying my life! Opioid free. Something I never thought would happen. Dr. Odell and his wonderful staff have changed my life! I am me again, doing the things I love again. Thank you Dr. Odell and his angels.

J. B.
Everyone here has always been so kind to me and I have never had an issue with making an appointment. I am grateful to my doctor for recommending this clinic! I am so pleased with my results as well, my neuropathy is so much better!
C. Alberts

The staff at Dr Odell’s office I have to say is one of the kindest and most considerate medical staffs I have encountered in my life. I know there is quite a bit of positive feedback from other patients regarding the same thing, and this is an additional confirmation of my experience. They work hard to get you in without a long wait and are always willing to take the time to listen. I cannot thank Dr. Odell and his staff enough for the accommodation they have offered me while I worked through some tough situations with insurance, etc. and their willingness to help me continue to pursue a better quality of life. I wish there was more that I could do to show my appreciation than a survey, but it’s the least I could do. Thanks you!

A. Klovas
I have been coming to Dr. Odell for 5 years. The injections along with Sanexas cured my neuropathy. So whenever I have pain in my body, I come in for a Sanexas treatment. Dr. Sorgnard always has the solution for treating my pain with Sanexas machine.
C. W.
[Dear Mr. Smith],
Please give me a call. My wife was so ill for over 14 months and 9 different specialists could not help her. I thought I was going to lose her.

I have a medical background and know about Dr. Odell’s work with energy medicine and borrowed a machine. After working with the inventor and Dr. Odell, I was able to get my wife breathing again normally after just 5 weeks on the machine. Once we found the best protocol it really only took 3 weeks for complete recovery and she has been breathing normally now for over 20 months without using the machine for the problem.

Many patients travel from all over the world to get treated by Dr. Odell at his clinic. There is really only a handful for physicians who use energy medicine correctly today and I know you have nothing to lose by giving it a try as there are zero side effects and the majority of patients have had complete recovery.

I have done research on energy medicine and the machine Dr. Odell uses is the only one that really promotes nerve cell healing and as a side effect reduces pain. In the case of my wife it allowed her to regain complete control of her breathing and return to a normal life.

I have continued to experiment with the machine for some knee and joint pain that I had and it has not returned after 4 weeks of treatment.

I have had success with family members with other neurological issues and all have had complete recovery.

I would encourage you to give me a call so I can answer any questions you may have. The protocol developed by Dr. Odell really works and is far better than taking meds with all the side effects that go with today’s medications.

Hi Dr. Odell,

I hope this note finds you well. I am sorry for not keeping you updated regularly… I guess I’m scared of jinxing anything!

Taylor is doing wonderful! After the rough patch following her procedure, she continued to feel better and better. She has been pain free for just about a year now. I cannot tell you how grateful we are. You have given her her life back. We continue to pray that she will remain pain free.

I have your handheld device that you loaned to us. It has been sitting in my office, and I keep forgetting to mail it to you… I am sending it out, so you should receive it next week.

I also know a couple of people that may benefit from your treatments, so hopefully you will hear from one of them. I am supposed to be talking to one of them sometime next week to tell her about what you were able to do for Taylor. She suffers from migraines, but they seem like it’s more than that… it seems she is always in pain (like Taylor).

We are hoping to be able to pop over to Las Vegas sometime this year. I will for sure let you know when and we can have a follow up appointment if you want. Or we can just stop by to say hi and thanks.

Let me know if you need any other information for your case study (if you are still doing that) or if you need to talk to Taylor.

Thanks for not giving up on Taylor and trying everything you could think of (and more), to do what others couldn’t. We truly appreciate your caring and kindness. I know that made all the difference.

With gratefulness and appreciation,

Renae W

Renae W