Combined Electrochemical Treatment Procedure

Combined Electrochemical Treatment Procedure 2018-04-06T06:23:13-07:00

Frustrated with chronic knee, shoulder, back or neck pain? Or maybe you are suffering from debilitating pain in other parts of your body, or in multiple areas. Thousands of people across the country suffer with pain and can’t find relief. Here in our Las Vegas pain center we offer an advanced approach that brings real benefits to individuals who have been living with hard to treat painful conditions. Our Clinicians at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of America use a new and effective treatment modality for the treatment of joint and spine (neck and low back) pain as well as peripheral neuropathy. The technique is termed the Combined Electrochemical Treatment (CET).

The Combined Electrochemical Treatment incorporates two well established procedures that have been combined into a protocol which is showing great promise as a safe and effective treatment solution for neck pain, low back pain, joint pain and diabetic and other forms of neuropathies.

The CET consists of two procedures, an ankle or joint block or a spine procedure performed with a Pharma/nutrient infused local anesthetic, and Electronic Signal Treatment (EST), as delivered by a unique sophisticated electromedical wave generator called the Sanexas medicine. The sensory peripheral nerve block injections are performed with a lower volume and concentration of Pharma/nutrient infused local anesthetic, to the affected areas and as such are not intended to produce the level of anesthesia required for performing surgery.

Therefore, patients will often not have the adverse effects associated with most surgeries and will be able to ambulate home the same day immediately after the treatment; some numbness post procedure is possible and is part of the healing process. Steroids are not utilized in the process. With less dependence on drugs for pain treatment, you can enjoy more freedom of movement and the ability to resume your daily activities, while not relying on steroids.

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