Our Approach is Different – Healing with Energy!

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Energy MedicineAt the Neuropathy & Pain Centers of America, we utilize state-of-the-science technology and the unique benefits of energy-based medicine that works in accordance with the natural circuitry of the nervous system. Working in harmony with the body means patients not only find pain relief but also achieve a level of healing that sustains relief.

“Our bodies have a positive response to electrical stimulation that excites the energy in the cells,” says Dr. Odell. “We see excellent results in the majority of patients with neck pain, back pain, joint pain and peripheral neuropathy, using our Combined Electrochemical Treatment.” CET uses two well established procedures: specific nerve block injections are performed with a pharma/nutrient infused local anesthetic agent combined with electric cell signal energy delivered by an extremely sophisticated electro-medical wave generator. The in-office procedure is a safe and effective way to re-awaken nerves and reduce inflammation that’s causing pain, improve circulation, and most importantly, stimulate healing.

“At our clinic, we’re not in the business of masking over pain with medication,” Dr. Odell notes. “Many people don’t understand the negative effects that opiate and steroid use can have. Although some patients can be quite stable on medication, many patients will degenerate into an existence where pain and reliance on medication runs their lives and prevents them from enjoying life and being productive. In our practice, we go to the source of the problem and promote natural resolution of chronic pain. It’s a treatment methodology we’re proud to offer our patients.”

“We need to use every possible modality, including the use of this sophisticated, state-of-the-science bioengineered technology, to get the body back into balance. Energy-based medicine holds tremendous promise for the future,” emphasizes Dr. Odell. “Reaching for healing, not just pain control, is what we offer at Neuropathy & Pain Centers of America.”

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