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As a new patient at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas, we look to identify the source of your pain by performing a Neural Scan test.

This test is a system alternative to X-rays, MRIs or CT scans because the Neural Scan is able to pinpoint the cause/site of your pain due to abnormal small nerve function.

These small nerves (A-delta, the fast pain fibers) are localized and able to transmit pain signals to your brain and are prone to injury.

When you pinch yourself and feel the pain, it’s the A-delta small nerve fibers that react to the pain. You feel it. With A-delta nerve fiber damage, the nerves sometimes become numb and are unable to locate your pain.

Cleared by the FDA as a safe and effective device, Neural Scan testing is non-invasive, painless, quick (takes about 20 minutes) and is an easy in-office procedure with 95% sensitivity level.

Your Neural Scan will be performed at the time of your scheduled second office visit. Dr. Odell will review the findings of your Neural Scan test and discuss with you the treatment protocol he recommends.

After approximately 10 treatments, he will re-evaluate how you are doing with your pain level by doing another Neural Scan and reviewing the results.

Any additional treatment would be discussed if necessary.

Medicare and most insurances accepted.

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Neural Scan