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hip-pain2Hip pain can be very debilitating, as it can interfere with so many of your daily activities; including your ability to walk. If not treated it can soon cause you to miss out on your favorite outdoor pursuits, and make it difficult to get comfortable sitting or standing. Here we will discuss some of the causes of hip pain and the advanced techniques we use to treat it, while greatly reducing, and sometimes eliminating your need to take medications.

What exactly is hip pain? Hip pain is a common condition that’s typically encountered in patients, starting in their 50’s. A common cause is osteoarthritis. Besides the hip joints itself, another common cause is trochanteric bursitis, the bony prominence located on the outside of the hip. Trochanteric bursitis is usually the cause of not being able to sleep on one side or the other. At the Neuropathy & Pain Centers of America, we’ve found that this condition is relatively easy to successfully treat.

Where does hip pain come from and how is it diagnosed and treated?

Hip pain can be primary or referred from the lower back. The distinction is an important part of our physical examination and diagnosis of your hip pain. Hip joint pathology can be confused with bursitis, tendonitis, muscle strain or sprain; hip pain can also refer to the groin, upper thigh and low back and is typically felt on the same side as the affected hip. Any activities such as walking, running, bicycling, golf, etc., or pronounced movement can worsen your pain. Rest and heat often relieve hip pain. Conservative treatments can work, but when they do not, hip ailments can cause aching pain which significantly interferes with and impedes normal lifestyle activities.

As you can see hip pain is a condition that can disrupt everyday life and prevent you from participating in many activities. Call us now at 702-545-6360 to schedule an appointment to have your hip pain diagnosed and treated.