Treating Pain While Reducing the Need for Narcotics

Treating Pain While Reducing the Need for Narcotics 2017-10-13T06:35:18-07:00

Perhaps you are suffering from chronic pain and don’t believe that dependence on medications is the right route for you to follow. In our Las Vegas pain center we offer effective treatments that can greatly reduce or in some cases, eliminate your need to take narcotic medications.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why patients end up taking medications for their pain:

Narcotic (opiate) use for acute pain (for example, post injury or post-surgery) has a specific place and use in today’s modern medical practice. Acute pain is usually self-limited, and will improve with time and the use of anti-inflammatory and pain medications will be properly discontinued by the patient after a few weeks or less. However, when pain persists past 3-6 months and becomes chronic, many well-meaning physicians place patients on narcotic medications that can introduce their own problems to the patient.

If alternative treatments or interventions don’t work, patients are then faced with what they feel is their only option – more and more narcotics. Narcotic receptors, naturally occurring in the body, will up-regulate and cause the requirement for more narcotics. Furthermore, narcotics cause the central nervous system to respond using a process called secondary hyperalgesia: the use of these drugs will require the use of more of the same kind of drugs as time goes on.

As an unfortunate result, many patients find themselves in a downward spiral as their narcotic dosages are increased and their chronic pain becomes more and more difficult to manage.

We want to avoid that route for our patient’s altogether.

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At the Neuropathy & Pain Centers of America, we take a different approach, which does more than mask pain or cause it to temporarily subside. Our goal is to identify the pain generator and use energy medicine and other advanced interventional techniques to nip the problem in the bud and control the pain without the need for medication (or escalation of medication). Many of our patients are able to reduce their reliance on narcotics and other pain relievers.

You don’t have to spend your days and nights fighting constant pain. At the Neuropathy & Pain Centers of America, we provide a variety of exceptional techniques for dealing with chronic pain without the need for narcotics. Our goal is to relieve your pain to an acceptable level, or, if we cannot, help you significantly minimize your requirements for pain medication.