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The source of chronic pain is often not easy to determine. It may be from previous surgeries, illnesses, accidents, or even injury to nerves, causing false pain signals that feel real (neuropathy). This is why treatment can be tailored to the needs, desires, circumstances and outcomes for each patient. There are several different options to consider based on the intended outcome Dr. Odell and you reach together.

Neuromodulation Therapy – for Chronic Peripheral Nerve Pain

The StimRouter™ Neuromodulation System is the only implantable neuromodulation device indicated for pain management in adults with severe intractable chronic pain of peripheral nerve origin, excluding the craniofacial region.

A one-time minimally invasive lead implant procedure targets pain at its precise origin, controlled by you (the patient). There is no implanted pulse generator because the StimRouter™ external pulse transmitter (EPT) resides outside your body.

The implantable lead delivers low-level electrical impulses directly to the site of the pain. The StimRouter™ EPT delivers neuromuscular electrical field stimulation through the electrode patch to the implanted lead.

The Patient Programmer is a small, handheld device that wirelessly controls the external pulse transmitter. It allows you to monitor and manage your stimulation programs and level of stimulation intensity. The Patient Programmer also tracks compliance and usage and is capable of storing up to 8 custom stimulation programs.

The advantages of the StimRouter™ are that it is a highly versatile implant which can target multiple peripheral nerves. It also minimizes surgical and post-surgical complications as well as minimizes recovery time and scarring. It is less expensive than more invasive treatments and targets the precise area of pain. It is a custom pain management solution controlled by Dr. Odell and you.

Neuromodulation Therapy - for Chronic Peripheral Nerve Pain

Spinal Nerve Stimulator (SCS) Trials – for Chronic Spine Pain

Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) is a proven therapy that offers a treatment option for chronic pain. It is most commonly used to treat low back and leg pain. SCS uses electrical pulses to interrupt pain signals, resulting in pain relief. Hundreds of thousands of people with chronic pain have received relief with spinal cord stimulation.

HF10 therapy provides the opportunity to trial the system prior to receiving a permanent system, allowing the patient to assess its effectiveness in managing the pain. The trial system is placed in the patient’s back using a simple, outpatient procedure and the procedure is completely reversible. Dr. Odell will place one or more thin wires (leads) in your back. The leads will connect to a temporary device that you can wear on your belt. After the trial, you report to Dr. Odell how much pain relief was felt and together you and Dr. Odell will decide if the permanent HF10 therapy system is something that would benefit you.

If the decision is to proceed with SCS, you would receive a SCS implant through a minor, reversible surgical procedure to place a battery, called an implantable pulse generator (IPG) under the skin as shown in the image below. Talk to Dr. Odell to see if he recommends this treatment.

Spinal Nerve Stimulator (SCS) Trials – for Chronic Spine Pain